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Devonport School of Dance offers the Jazz Addict ADPA syllabus. Jazz Addict is taught internationally and provides each student solid technical training, performance training, and the platform to create, achieve and grow as a dancer and artist. Jazz Addict is suitable for students from 5 years old.

This is an exciting syllabus which is continuously updated to ensure dancing is industry relevant, modern and fun! The syllabus is made up of a series of exercises including arm combinations, classical technique, floor work, turns, isolations, leaps, amalgamations and dances. All work is progressive and designed to develop co-ordination, strength, agility and style. Amalgamations include jazz, lyrical or contemporary and musical theatre. 

In Terms 1 and 2, lessons are focussed on learning the syllabus and there is the option for students to sit examinations/assessment and/or a performance award in Term 3, September. In Term 3, students work on their final preparations for exams and/or performance awards and begin to learn choreography for our show. In Term 4, students continue learning and polishing routines for our show held mid November then begin learning the next Jazz Addict level after the show.

Examinations are a great way for students to have something to work towards throughout the year and be rewarded for this dedication to their dancing. Performance awards encourage students to perform for friends and family in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere. These awards are a great performance opportunity and help develop confidence. 

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