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Please complete the entry form below and submit along with entry fee by Sunday 17th April 2022.


  • DSOD Performance awards- Term 3 between 23rd - 26th September 2022.

(exact dates are confirmed by DSOD after entries are received).


  • Students must have been attending 1 acro lesson per week since the beginning of Term 2 to sit a performance medal.

  • Students must continue to attend every class (including Zoom classes if in isolation or we go back into lockdown), practice at home with the use of Band videos and music if wishing to enter a performance medal.


  • Payment is to be made by Sunday 17th April 2022 into the DSOD account: 02-0888-0125761-000 using your child's name, grade and "exam" as the reference.

  • *Please note an admin fee $15.00 per performance medal has been added to entry fees to cover expenses associated with running medals. This admin fee is non-refundable*

  • A $10.00 late entries fee will be charged for entries received after Sunday 17th April 2022.

Performance Medals are optional but are highly encouraged!

More detailed information about exams, assessments and performance medals along with what is expected if entering can be found in the 2022 Exam & Performance Medal Booklet here.

I would like to enter:
Acro Performance Medal Entry Form: Sales Lead
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