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Devonport School of Dance offers the Tap Evolution ADPA Tap syllabus. Tap Evolution is taught internationally and provides each student solid technical training, performance training, and the platform to create, achieve and grow as a dancer and artist. Our tap classes are suitable for students from 5 years old.

This unique tap syllabus is stimulating and dynamic - it merges old-school tap and modern styles.  There is emphasis on rhythm, performance and musicality.  Exercises are set to a range of exciting and up-to-date music. Technique progresses logically through the levels; no new steps are introduced until they have either been mastered at the barre, or at a slower tempo to ensure students acquire new skills from a strong foundation. 

In Primary levels, all exercises are performed in the centre.

In Junior levels, the first 3-4 exercises are performed at the barre so students can master more difficult steps with added balance support before performing them in the centre.

In Elementary levels, students perform one barre exercise that incorporates a range of steps.

From Intermediate One onwards, there are no barre exercises.

Exercises include: drums, shuffles and toe heels, flaps and tap springs, time steps, pick ups, riffs, off-to-buffalo, turn preparation, travelling progressions (primary/junior grades), travel and turns (elementary grades onwards).

Speed Exercise: This is a short routine consisting of steps executed at a fast tempo to develop quick and clear beating. This is introduced at Elementary Tap One.


Theatrical Tap: This is a musical theatre amalgamation which includes the option for the candidates to sing. This amalgamation is introduced at Pre-Primary Tap and continues right through syllabus.  Musicals include: Singing in the Rain, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Anything Goes, 42nd Street and A Chorus Line.  Students will learn the classic musical theatre tap numbers, which will be extremely useful in an audition context, and lots of fun! Some routines use props.

Stomp Amalgamation: This is a modern style of tap introducing students to syncopated rhythms and a more percussive style.  The Stomp Amalgamation is introduced at Junior Tap One.  All music has a strong beat and students are encouraged to move naturally, there are no set arm lines.

Waltz Amalgamation:  The Waltz Amalgamation introduces students to the ¾ time signature. Music is much slower to develop control, and "light and shade" in beating. The Waltz Amalgamation is introduced at Elementary Tap One.

Latin Amalgamation: This amalgamation is introduced at Intermediate Tap One and is an alternate option for the Waltz Amalgamation. This style/genre introduces students to the Latin tap vocabulary with arm lines, and body angles.

Dance: The Dance is teacher choreographed and incorporated at all levels.

In Terms 1 and 2, lessons are focussed on learning the syllabus and there is the option for students to sit examinations/assessment and/or a performance award in Term 3, September. In Term 3, students work on their final preparations for exams and/or performance awards and begin to learn choreography for our show. In Term 4, students continue learning and polishing routines for our show held mid November then begin learning the next level after the show.

Examinations are a great way for students to have something to work towards throughout the year and be rewarded for this dedication to their dancing. Performance awards encourage students to perform for friends and family in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere. These awards are a great performance opportunity and help develop confidence.

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